Tuesday, April 06, 2010

More Paint brands found with high lead levels

Press Release

06th April 2010, Colombo- As a reAdd Imagesult of the continuous research on lead in paint, Centre for Environmental Justice found another three paint brands with high lead levels including a brand which has obtained the SLS standard.

The latest results show that 10 enamel paint samples out of 14 samples tested contain lead as high as 42495 mg/kg. The paints with yellow, green and orange colours contain high lead levels.

It is unfortunate that while most paint manufacturers produce lead free paint for the international market, they still produce leaded paints for the local market. This is a grave injustice for the local consumers.

Therefore we demand all leaded paint to be removed from the local market as well. We also request the paint manufacturers to establish a mechanism to give free advice to the local consumers on safe removal of old lead paint and application of new lead free paint.

We advise all the paint consumers to avoid lead paint and always request lead free paint from the retail shop.

We believe that it is time for the Consumer Affairs Authority and other agencies to accelerate their actions to protect consumers from lead paint.

Lead in paint is highly toxic to the children. Eliminate lead paints and save your child.

Buy only lead free paint this New Year Season.

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